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Please note that effective Monday February 1st 2021, CHM Therapy Services in Milton has moved to our new offices at

142 Martin Street, Milton, ON

We are so excited to welcome you into our wonderful new space.

All contact details remain the same.


This 8 week series is designed to help individuals who struggle with their well-being. An imbalance in well-being can result in symptoms associated with stress, depression, and anxiety. You do not need to have a diagnosis of a specific disorder to participate. The workshop covers information related to symptoms, the brain, the workplace, parenting, self-care and nutrition.  There will be an introduction to mindfulness and self-compassion practices. Content will include psycho-education, individual tasks, skill building techniques to promote change and resources.  Focus of each session will be to teach participants to improve overall functioning in daily life. Weekly virtual therapy session held on Thursdays and will integrate module content and individual experiences.

Virtual Sessions

Virtual sessions will be scheduled weekly (currently on Thursday evenings) from 7pm-8pm.

The session will be therapeutic in nature. 

The content material from the module will be the focus of group discussion.

On-Line Learning Modules will be released one week prior to the virtual session.

The group is facilitated by our Intern, Chandra Paul. Under the Supervision of Candice Hamilton-Miller, RP. 

The cost of the group is $40+HST per participant. And the first module is released on January 29th with the first virtual group on February 4th. Click here to Contact US to Sign up today.!!

COVID 19 UPDATE July 2020

At this time, we continue to offer services to all our clients and families online. 

Based on the recommendations of our Regulating College (College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario) and Public Health, we have opened some limited availability for in office sessions.The decision to meet in the office will be made with your therapist, and will be based on balancing the benefits of needing to do so rather than continuing with online sessions, with the risks of exposure. 

We have put additional cleaning measures in place to reduce the risk of exposure to COVID for everyone involved. some of the improved practices include, Sessions being booked with sufficient timing to allow for cleaning the office between clients, All surfaces will be wiped down between sessions, clients will be asked to wait in the car until their appointment time, when your therapist will get you. Screening will be completed before each session, and improved AirFiltration and Circulation has been added to the office. We ask for your cooperation at this time with use of face Masks or face coverings. 

Please be aware that the session in office will be limited due to sanitization requirements. Also note that not all therapists are available for in office sessions at this time. 

We thank you for your patience and understanding in this ever changing time, and we are committed to providing quality services to all our clients in whatever format we can. 



In light of the fears and potential health risks related to COVID-19, CHM Therapy Services is working hard to ensure both the physical and mental health of our clients is maintained. Along with our current cleaning practices, we will also be implementing the following procedures to ensure that clients feel supported and safe when accessing our services.


I would like to outline for you how we plan to support our clients in the days and weeks ahead and also share with you the precautionary steps we are taking in response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

The following steps will be taken to minimize potential health risks in Office sessions:

  1. Our Offices  are  closed for face to face sessions, until instructed by public health officials. 
  2. In the event of a session cancellation, all clients will be notified via an announcement in the client portal. If you would prefer an email message, please log in and ensure that your email is up to date in your profile.
  3. Items such as sand, slime, and theradough will not be available for use in sessions until further notice. 
  4. Clients who fall ill prior to a session should contact us immediately to cancel their session or make an alternate plan. Please contact your therapist directly via text message or the chat feature within your portal. 

Until further notice, we will offer the following alternatives.

  1. Clients are asked to give at least 24 hours notice of a session cancellation, but we will waive the cancellation fee for notice given on the day of the session. The fee for not attending a session without notice (no show) will remain as it is at the full session cost. 
  2. Clients are being offered online session, there is a consent form for online sessions that will be sent to you if you wish to do this. Online sessions are offered through your Practice Better client portal, and are secure and HIPPAA compliant. Confidentiality is maintained as usual from our side, but you would be responsible for anyone who may overhear your session from your side. If you want to do sessions online, please contact your therapist as soon as possible to arrange this. 
  3. We invite you to follow our social media platforms (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram or YouTube) as we will also be focusing on increased posting of relevant videos and posts related to mental health during this time. We are also working hard to build our online workshop offerings to better support our clients in more accessible ways. 

Please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns.  Let your therapist know if you or a family member are feeling unwell, have a fever or are exhibiting flu-like symptoms. Your therapist will work with you in whatever way we can to ensure that your mental health is well cared for during this time. 

The health, safety and well-being of our team and clients is our top priority and we will do all we can to continue providing clinical services to you through this challenging period. Quality and accurate information about the coronavirus and how to protect yourself is available from Health Canada.

 Thank you for your understanding as we navigate through this evolving time of uncertainty together.


Candice Hamilton-Miller and the entire CHM Team. 

It's Time to Make a Change!

CHM Therapy Services offers a range of psychotherapeutic services, specializing in individual therapy for young children, teens and adults and family therapy. CHM Therapy also offers group workshops, photo-therapy, COGMED working memory training and parent/life coaching, we will also be offering Psych-ed Assessments for children and university students..

Techniques used with clients include a personalized blend of cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness therapy, behavior therapy, play therapy; attachment therapy, narrative therapy, psychotherapy, vision boards and photo-therapy.

Appointments available in Milton and Guelph

CHM Therapy Services is pleased to be able to offer appointments in Milton, ON. There are limited Milton appointments each week so make sure you book ahead if you want a spot. Offering services in one of Canada's fastest growing family communities is such a wonderful opportunity to help more children and families access support. our new office on Main Street is open for business and we are always happy to welcome new clients of all ages. Appointments are available with Candice and Adrienne.

CHM Therapy Services is now also offering appointments in Guelph ON. Guelph is a thriving community that we are excited to be a part of. Services are available for all ages. Appointments are available with Liz.

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With so many of our clients heading back to school, we are offering a free downloadable copy of our favourite weekly planner template for you to download today! Click the button below to get the planner, and if you need more help, call us today to schedule a coaching session.

NEW *** Supers on the Couch Series.

Supers on the Couch is  a video series that will be released over the fall and winter of 2018. the videos include discussions with superheroes about dealing with the same feelings that many of us struggle with, anxiety, guilt, depression, trauma, self confidence, etc. 

You can check the latest videos here.

Art Journalling Workshops

Art Journalling is a wonderful way to explore your own inner thoughts and beliefs and to express emotion in a creative way. it is definitely something that all ages and skill levels can enjoy. CHM Therapy Services will be offering training and groups in Art Journalling and Self reflective journalling techniques.  

Group Therapy/Coaching options.

CHM Therapy offers in home group therapy sessions. Do you have a group of close friends who all struggle with similar issues? Get together in your own home for a night of something new. Try one of these new workshops for your next girls night and see how friends can learn and grow together. 

All workshops include group therapy using various techniques from cognitive behavioural therapy, narrative styles to art therapy and even play therapy. Yoga sessions are led by a certified Yoga instructor for all levels of ability (although most are relaxation and stretching focused). Topics can be tailored to suit your group (for a sample of group options check the Groups page (Groups). Call today!

UNYTE Training is now available at CHM Therapy Services

UNYTE is an innovative software for working on meditation and mindfulness Clients can now sign up for an in home program or do this program as an adjunct to in person sessions.

The Yellow Couch

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