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Enlightening Lunchtimes

Virtual lunch and learns for psychotherapists and social workers, mental health professionals and other frontline workers. Some topics are not specific to mental health and may be open to everyone. 

Ongoing Group Supervision and CE credits Schedule:


Group, Individual or Didactic Supervision is available with Candice Hamilton-Miller, RP. 


group supervision currently meets once per month on Friday mornings at 10:30 for 90 minutes. Topics vary each month and interested individuals can attend as often as interested. Each month has a limited number of spots (1)) and they are booked on a first requested, first served basis. Attendee are expected to be engaged in the discussions and if attending virtually, cameras must be on at all times. 

Group supervision focus on topics related to practicing psychotherapy/counselling and previous topics have included discussions around ethical issues, practice skills and controversial topics.   


Notes, notes, notes, and documentation

The importance of curiosity in therapy

Practice tours and networking

Self care and burnout prevention

Effective use of self

Intakes and continuous assessment of clients

Psychotherapy and the body connection

Exploring expressive therapies

Working with clients from diverse populations such as LGBTQ2IA+, racial or religious minorities, and specific health issues

Closing off clients


Ideal for psychotherapy, psychology or social work Interns, RPQs or those new to practice, and also for RPs looking for Continuing Education Credits.

Timing: 10am-11:30 EST- 1.5 hours training 


$45 for RPs, RP(Q)s. 

$35 for interns or contact Candice to discuss Supervisor reciprocity arrangements.

Limit of 10 people in person per session with option of online attendance for individuals beyond that.

Last Friday of the month

Location: CHM Therapy Services, 142 Martin Street, Milton, Ontario. or virtual

Workshops, Groups, Training, Professional Offerings.

Group Therapy and Workshops

CHM Therapy offers a variety of group therapy and workshop options for professionals independently and through Hr departments for professional development. Please request  the Professional Services package by contacting Candice Hamilton-Miller for more information. 

Workshops and training can be tailored for small or large groups of individuals such as front line staff or parents, and can include topics such as maximizing your resources, cultural sensitivity; managing behavior, healthy eating, and helping children build self-esteem.

We also offer therapeutic groups for individuals (including teens and children) around both general mental health and well being and also around specific topics. 

Online Groups

A variety of topics are covered in our online workshops. these workshops cover more general self led therapeutic reflective topics, and are self led. Online workshops allow CHM Therapy to have a global reach. you can email us to request current available topics. 

Art Journalling and Self Reflective Journalling

Art Journalling is a wonderful way to explore your own inner thoughts and beliefs and to express emotion in a creative way. it is definitely something that all ages and skill levels can enjoy. CHM Therapy Services will be offering training and groups in Art Journalling and Self reflective journalling techniques.


Custom Workshops and Therapy Groups

Bring the Yellow Couch Team in to your own home 

with designer groups for you and your friends in your own home.



CHM Therapy is excited to offer new in home group therapy sessions. Do you have a group of close friends who all struggle with similar issues? Or does your teenager have a group of friends that struggle with challenges or simply could use support for growing up. Get together in your own home for a night of something new, or regular meet ups that are more enlightening than bookclub. Try one of these new workshops for your next girls night and see how friends can learn and grow together.


All workshops include group therapy using various techniques from cognitive behavioural therapy, narrative styles to art therapy and even play therapy. Yoga sessions are led by a certified Yoga instructor for all levels of ability (although most are relaxation and stretching focused). Topics can be tailored to suit your group. The topics below are a small sample of the topics available. Call today!prices are subject to change without notice. 


Relaxoga: Stress reduction workshop and yoga

single session: minimum 5 people - 3 hour total ( 1 hour of yoga and 2 hour workshop)


per person

Me the Manuel: Understanding yourself: vision boards and Music

single session: minimum 6 people - vision boards and music therapy - 3 hours total


per person

Me the Sequel: Understanding your goals: vision boards and yoga

single session: minimum 6 people art journalling and music therapy - 3 hours total


per person

Picture this: Phototherapy 4 session workshop: 4 sessions of 2.5 hours each (1 hour yoga and 1.5 hours therapy)

series group:minimum 6 people, 4 session workshop, 2.5 hours long


per person

Mama meet-ups: parenting topics, 2 hour workshops, minimum 5 people 

minimum 5 people, parenting topics and socializing - 2 hours long cost per session


per person

Journal club sessions: minimum 5 people- every 2 weeks for 4 sessions, guided journalling and coaching

series group: minimum 5 people- every 2 weeks for 4 sessions, guided journalling and coaching 


per person

Sands of time: using sand tray techniques to gain insights into yourself and your world.

single session: minimum of 6 participants - 2 hour workshop and 1 hour yoga/music


per person

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