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Theradough - individual packs


Theradough is a unique new product to help Adults and Children cope with life’s challenges. Theradough incorporates modern and ancient therapies in a fun holistic approach to dealing with mental and physical challenges

There are currently 10 different variations of Theradough and each one has a specifically targeted combination of Essential Oils providing a creative and effect method of utilizing some of your favourite aromatherapy benefits.


How does it work?

Aromatherapy is the art and science of using essential oils to improve and maintain health and beauty. It is a valuable complimentary therapy which keeps us well balanced emotionally and physically, reducing the chances of a serious illness occurring.

As the Theradough is manipulated, kneaded and played with, the essential oils scents are vapourized and inhaled by the user. The oils are also absorbed through the skin providing benefits akin to aromatherapy massage oils.

The human body responds to soothing repetitive motions as you squeeze, knead and shape the dough in your hands. The natural resistance and pliability of the dough provides excellent proprioceptive feedback to the muscles in your hands both stimulating and calming your nervous system and brain. We also know that many individuals benefit from ‘keeping their hands busy’ in order to focus, having an object to physically manipulate when emotionally stressed can be beneficial in emotional self-regulation. Theradough provides the benefits of a stress ball with so much more.

The colour selection of Theradough is also carefully selected to produce calming or stimulating effects on the mind in accordance with principles of Chromotherapy and art therapy.

“Every aspect of Theradough’s creation was carefully planned with healing and potential therapeutic benefits in mind”

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